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A look back at the outdated styles, trends, people and kitch that defined past generations. Think “Fat Laces” and pinning your pants.

Old photo of Metallica and Chili Peppers guys

Flea, Jason Newsted, Kirk Hammet and Anthony Kiedis.

Flea, Jason Newsted, Kirk Hammet and Anthony Kiedis.

Every junior high girlfriend

electric youth

You can still buy this stuff…

Creepy old cereal commerical

Hey kids, want to know what it’s like to eat breakfast with that demon clown that lives in your closet?

N.W.A On Arsenio Hall

N.W.A. made an appearance on the Arsenio Hall show in 1990 and performed “100 Miles and Runnin'” after a brief interview regarding police treatment of blacks. 

Inside the Simpsons writing room, 1992

simpsons writing room

I bet it stinks in there.


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Jane Badler is joining ABC's V remake

The old V can be seen here. 


Donald Trump and Hulk Hogan

Donald Trump and Hulk Hogan

McDonald’s Board Game

Go directly to jail. Do not collect $200. The Hamburglar is waiting for you…in the communal showers.

Go directly to jail. Do not collect $200.

via The Weird Wide Web

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Men’s fashion that will make you stab your eyes out

Casual menswear 40 years ago was so hideous, it’s amazing they were able to procreate and advance the human species. Scroll through these c on an empty stomach. You might also want to see if there is one of those eye wash stations you had in your school science lab somewhere nearby. You can’t unsee this.

1. 70s-men-fashion-331__700
2. 70s-men-fashion-171__700
3. 70s-men-fashion-372__700
4. 70s-men-fashion-17__700
5. 70s-men-fashion-132
6. 70s-men-fashion-71__700
7. 70s-men-fashion-381__700
8. 70s-men-fashion-141__700
9. 70s-men-fashion-162
10. 70s-men-fashion-22__700
11. 70s-men-fashion-261__700
12. screenshot-copy__700
13. 70s-men-fashion-301__700
14. 70s-men-fashion-211__700
15. 70s-men-fashion-291__700
16. 70s-men-fashion-38__700
17. 70s-men-fashion-39__700
18. 70s-men-fashion-121__700
19. 70s-men-fashion-181__700
20. 70s-men-fashion-241__700
21. 70s-men-fashion-151__700
22. 70s-men-fashion-321__700
23. 70s-men-fashion-271__700
24. 70s-men-fashion-41__700
25. 70s-men-fashion-281__700
26. 70s-men-fashion-61__700
27. 70s-men-fashion-111__700
28. 70s-men-fashion-51__700
29. Carsuals__700

(h/t: Bored Panda and flashbak)

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GoPro 1960

GoPro 1960

GoPro 1960via

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