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Australia: A Horrific Place

Australia A Horrific Place


If you’ve always dreamed about giving up your 9-to-5 job to own a bed and breakfast, here is your chance

Center Lovell Inn,

Posted from Mental Floss: If you’ve always hoped to give up your 9-to-5 job to move to Maine to operate a historic bed and breakfast–one that sits on 12 acres and has scenic views of Kezar Lake and the White Mountains–then the Center Lovell Inn, built in 1805, could be your dream come true. All you need to make it yours is $125, a postage stamp, and the best 200-word essay around.

In 1993, then-owners of the Inn, Bil and Susie Mosca, held an essay contest (entry fee: $100) to find a successor. They chose Janice Sage, who had been managing a 50,000-square-foot restaurant in Maryland before winning ownership of the Inn. But after more than two decades of managing the bed and breakfast, Sage, now 68, is ready to retire. And she’s planning her own essay contest to find the Inn’s new owner.

“There’s a lot of very talented people in the restaurant business who would like to have their own place but can’t afford it,” Sage told the Press Herald. “This is a way for them to have the opportunity to try.” The contest has already been deemed legal in Maine because the essay component makes it a matter of skill and not luck. Sage hopes to receive at least 7500 entries, which would earn her the $900,000 that local real estate agents suggested she list the Inn for–although unlike the Moscas before her, Sage has not promised to stop collecting entrants after she hits that amount.

“If I get more entries, all the better,” she said.

To apply, aspiring Inn-owners (18 years of age and older) can send a 200-or-less-word essay on the topic of why they’re the right fit, as well as a check for $125, to the Center Lovell Inn postmarked by May 7 (you can read the full instructions here). Sage will narrow down the applicants to a top 20 and from there, two anonymous judges will pick the new owner of the Inn. If you apply, be sure you’re ready to dive headfirst into ownership–Sage is hoping to announce a successor on May 21st.

The Moscas are not involved in the contest this time around, but the couple still live in Lovell. Bil is confident that just as it did last time, the essay contest will deliver a fitting new owner for the centuries-old Inn.

He said people often asked him when he and his wife held a contest, “‘What if you get the wrong person or what if this person lies to you?’ Our answer was and is, ‘We trust.’ It was part of the magic of this whole thing. And it turned out we were right.”


You’ll also need this book: Running a Bed & Breakfast For Dummies

The planes get a little close when you are on Maho Beach

Now Maho Beach in Saint Martin is renowned for its planes more than its beautiful beach and blue waters.

And when you see any one of the multitude of images on the web you will understand why. For example, here is a video that highlights the airport’s takeoffs (Hold on) and landings (Duck).

More videos of planes landing near this beach.

Advice on Risk Taking

Advice on Risk Taking

Happy People

happy people



(via ruinedchildhood)


Happy Holidays


Homeless Man Absolutely Nails Otis Redding song

Move over Ted Williams, there is a new Golden Voice on the streets tonight. His name is Danny Small and in this video he sings some Otis Redding.

One in five parents will buy this for their girl this Christmas

elsa doll

For 11 years, Barbie doll had been top of Christmas list for parents of girls. Now, Frozen is No.1  with one in five parents buying merchandise from the film.

Buy the movie Frozen here.

Buy Frozen movie toy dolls here.

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A List of Businesses Looted and Damaged During the Ferguson Riots


You now know that the grand jury has chosen not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown. No matter where you stand on the issue, you should agree that looting and setting fire to local businesses is idiotic and shameful.

Here are a list of businesses known at this time that have suffered loss due to the riots in Ferguson, MO.

If you feel compelled to help them, here are the addresses. Send a check, spend money with them when they reopen, and if they are a national or regional chain, go shop with them in your own city.

Yes, these businesses may have insurance, but don’t think they aren’t paying the price. Behind the flames and broken glass is a business owner or general manager left to pick up the pieces.

The situation is still very fluid right now, so my information may be incorrect or incomplete. Please contact me with updates, photos, addresses or other additions. The St. Louis Regional Business Council has also launched a fund to support proprietors who have been affected by the riots.

Toys R Us

Walmart Super Center
St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store
Dellwood Market
Rehoboth Pharmacy
Papa John’s
Domino’s Pizza
Public Storage
Quik Trip
Sam’s Meat Market & More
FTL Feel Beauty
St. Louis Cordless
Family Dollar
Foot Locker
Ferguson Market & Liquor
Elite Liquor
Zisser Tire and Auto Services
Little Ceasar’s
Auto Buy Credit
Beauty World
Dollar Store,
Bank of America,
O’Reilly Auto Parts Store, 
BP Gas Station, 
Ferguson Market and Liquor, 
Furniture Store, 
Feel Beauty Supply Store,
Taco Bell, 
Rehoboth Pharmacy, 
Vincent De Paul Thrift Store, 
Dellwood Market, 
St. Lois Cordless Phone store, 
JC Wireless,
Sam’s Meat Market, 
Another Quick Trip gas station, 
Fed Ex, 
St. Louis Bread Co., 
Quodoba Mexican Restaurant, 
The King and I restaurant, 
Clothing Store, 
St. Louis Fish and Chicken Grill, 
Metro PCS, 
Clean World Laundromat, 
Conoco Gas Station,
Lee’s Chicken Restaurant, 
Boost Mobile, 
Cathy’s Kitchen, 
Advance Auto Parts
Payless Shoes
A.J. & R. Pawn Shop
Cakes and More 
Phillips 66
Red’s Barbecue
Medicine Shop
Commerce Bank
Toys R Us
Hunan Chop Suey restaurant
Snappy’s Bar and Restaurant
Prime Beauty Supply
Safe Touch Tax Service
Queens Royal Touch Salon
Title Max Loans
Complete Auto Body
Antiques Store
Nail Salon
Red’s BBQ
Shoe Carnival
PNC Bank
Quick Cash
Yellow Diamond Boutique
Velvet Freeze Ice Cream
Cricket Wireless
Energy Express
Up n Up Fashion
Office Depot
Knodel’s Bakery
Dierbags Market
Ross Dress for Less
Hibbett Sports
JP Sports Bar
Aldi Grocery Store
Various ATM Locations
Various Liquor Stores

They even burned down their own “Heal St. Louis” Community Outreach Center.