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THE PHONE NUMBER +359 888 888 888

haunted phone number

You might think a cursed phone number sounds like the plot to an uninspired horror flick, but anyone who had the number listed above since its first issuing in the early 2000s has died.

That includes the CEO of a Bulgarian mobile phone company who died of cancer at 48, as well as two crooks—one a mafia boss and the other a cocaine-dealing estate agent, both of whom were “gunned down.” All three died within four years of one another. Since then, the telephone number has been suspended, and the company that owns it refuses to comment as to why.

via Mental Floss

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How to open a Master Lock without a key

A design flaw with Master Lock key locks is shown in this video the company probably doesn’t want you to see.

How to pick a lock with hairpins
Mul-T-Lock makes a pretty strong and secure padlock. You’ll pay a bit more for it though.

Reading a book with no pictures to a bunch of kids would be a disaster right? Wrong.

The Book With No Pictures

Courtesy B.J. Novak

This video shows actor B.J. Novak reading his new book, The Book With No Pictures, to a crowd of children. You might think that kids would not stand for this, but you’d be wrong. Words can be amazingly entertaining. We need to give our little ones more credit. Nice work Mr. Novak. Buy it here.

VIDEO: Marine Survives Taliban Headshot

A Taliban sniper managed to get a non-fatal headshot on a Marine’s helmet while the Marines were conducting a joint helicopter raid in the Now Zad district, Helmand Province in 2013. The shot occurs around the :45 mark. Warning: F-words

No other proof needed to demonstrate these guys have balls of steel.

via Bag of Nothing

How to arrive at a pool party

Watch this 1200 ft tower base jump into a pool on top of a 34 story building.

More base jumping videos here.

via Bits and Pieces

Playtime reality

kids and computers

Spooky Fact About Halloween 2014

spooky fact


Check out these Halloween costumes.

Fart Freely With Shreddies


Here is another line of flatulence filtering underwear. Shreddies are sold for just $32 for women and $40 for men. Presumably because men are gassier. Apparently the skivvies use chemical warfare technology to cancel out your offensive butt thunder. Go buy here you  rot ass!

I posted on another product like this once before.

AC/DC’s new song ‘Play Ball’


This is the new single from AC/DC’s forthcoming album, Rock or Bust (Due December 2014). If it looks like AC/DC and sounds like AC/DC, then it’s probably AC/DC.

Pre-order the album here.