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Free as a bird

Group gathers to free a bird back in to the wild. What happens seconds later is kinda hilarious. 

free as a bird

The Safe Harbor Initiative

Take a walk around your neighborhood. Have you seen any blue strips painted on street curbs in front of homes and businesses? If you haven’t, you will soon. A Texas man named Anthony Welichko started what is now known as the Safe Harbor Initiative by spray painting a small blue strip on the curb in front of his house. That strip is to let officers know the person occupying that home or business has their back and appreciates all they do for the community.

There are a lot of bad cops out there, but the majority are good and just want to do their job without being called a racist or without the fear of being killed. Let’s hold them accountable when they cross the line, but show our support as well.

safe harbor sripe

Would you want to see this on your hospital building?

This art install is not on a hospital. It is actually on the side of the Fulton County Public Health Dept in Atlanta. It does provoke opinion what is “appropriate” though. If I were riddled with cancer and heading into a hospital for treatment, this is exactly what I would want to see. Then again, sometimes the sweet release into death is the best possible outcome. What do you think? Offensive or inspirational?

Fulton County Public Health Dept in Atlanta


An example of how to get after it

This man lost his job and is struggling to provide for his family. Yesterday he was standing outside of Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. He was not asking for hand outs. He is doing what it takes to get back on his feet.

He is a Health and Wellness Coordinator and Human Resources Generalist. Here is his LinkedIn profile


Just found my dog a new Halloween costume

You can dress your dog up like a zombie for Halloween. Buy the costume here and the muzzle here.

zombie dog muzzle

zombie dog muzzle

zombie dog muzzle pic

dog zombie dog zombie

Air Power

Military air show trick.

Cleaning Mount Rushmore

Completed in 1941, Mount Rushmore received its first cleaning in the summer of 2005. The 60-foot-tall granite faces of four American presidents were blasted with highly pressurized 150-degree water, which caused all the dirt, grime, and moss that had accumulated to fall away.

About time! Washington has some serious adult acne and Roosevelt’s has a bat in the cave.

mt rushmore power wash

Wrong place at wrong time

Woman gets knocked out by Spider-Man.


[via Catsmob]


"Rowdy" Roddy Piper has died

Known for legendary matches with likes of Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Hulk Hogan, WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has died at the age of 61 in his sleep. More on this story.

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Rowdy Roddy Piper shirt