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Notable stories from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The Minnesota Wild 2014 Playoff Schedule

wild logo

The Wild playoff schedule:
Gm1: Thurs 4/16 8:30pm @ Col
Gm2: Sat 4/19 8:30pm @ Col
Gm3: Mon 4/21 7pm @ MN

View more schedules here.

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A North Dakota Moment

Minnesota – 2
North Dakota – 1

Minnesota Hockey Gophersvia

Pictures of students rioting after the game.

Photos of students rioting in Dinkytown

By Bridget Bennett

By Bridget Bennett

Celebrations turned rowdy on Thursday, as hundreds of people flooded Dinkytown streets following the Gophers men’s hockey team’s Frozen Four semifinal victory on Thursday night.

Crowd members jumped on squad cars, climbed light posts and threw bottles at police, leading officers in riot gear to disperse the crowd over the course of about three hours, occasionally using tear gas and mace. Read more…

View all the photos here. Is “Riot-Selfie” becoming a new thing?

Here are the students that were arrested and booked in Hennepin County Jail. via Fox9

U of MN riot dinkytown arrest photos - mugshots

Taco delivery service arrives in Minneapolis

taco cat

We are Taco Cat, a bike-only taco delivery service in Minneapolis, MN.
Call 612-270-8007 to place an order.

The menu is all tacos, only tacos. There’s five kinds of tacos on offer, including the Taco Cat original steak (grilled bulgogi steak, pico de gallo, cilantro, Taco Cat creama sauce) and the bánh mì tacos (mock duck, pickled cucumber, carrot, and jalapenos, herbed mayo, and cilantro). Three per order, each order $8, no substitutions.

· Cash, credit, or barter: That’s what it says, folks. Start thinking of your bartering options now.

· Delivery zone: Franklin Ave. to 40th St. and Hennepin Ave. to Cedar Ave.

You gotta love the FAQ section of their site.

Q: I’m drunk and what is this?
A: Taco Cat is a late-night, bike-only, taco delivery service in Minneapolis, MN.

Q: Why is Taco Cat delivery only?
A: It’s easier and cheaper for us to operate this way.

Q: Can I pick up my order instead?
A: No.

Q: Do you only deliver on bike?
A: Yes. We should make up some bullshit about sustainability or something, but we just like to bike.

Q: How did Taco Cat start?
A: No one delivered tacos. We stepped up.

Q: Where can I get a Taco Cat shirt/merch?
A: You can add one to your order or pick one up at The Alt bike shop.

Q: Is it Tacocat or Taco Cat?
A: We don’t really know. It’s both.

Q: Did you know that Taco Cat is a palindrome?
A: Yes.

Q: Are your tacos made from cats?
A: No and you aren’t funny.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Probably not.

Q: Are you a legally licensed business?
A: Who the fuck are you? You want tacos or what?

Baseball in Minnesota

Photo via the MN Twins

Photo via the MN Twins


Eddie Vedder a Twins Fan?
Twins position players who have pitched
New Food Items at Target Field for 2014
Pictures from Joe Mauer’s wedding

New Food Items at Target Field for 2014

Butcher and the Boar's barbeque basket of rib tips

Butcher and the Boar’s barbeque basket of rib tips

Valentini's Porketta Slugger dish at the State Fair. (Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Twins)

Valentini’s Porketta Slugger dish at the State Fair. (Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Twins)

A couple scoops of Izzy's ice cream. (Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Twins)

A couple scoops of Izzy’s ice cream. (Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Twins)

The Canteen's “Crispy Belly Bacon.” (Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Twins)

The Canteen’s “Crispy Belly Bacon.” (Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Twins)

menu and costs

Minnesota Pine Shrine

mn pine

At first glance, it looks a bit fake, like a Photoshopped woodsy version of crop circles.

But Google Maps doesn’t lie. Tucked into the forests of Park Township in Lake of the Woods County is a 23-acre stand of red pine trees in the shape of Minnesota. It was the work of DNR forestry veteran Bill Lockner from the late 1980s, 

Check it out for yourself:

via Bring me the news

Grain Belt Art


Grain Belt by Lonnie Broden


Lyft Ridesharing Service Gaining Popularity in the Twin Cities


Did you pound too many Grape Apes at the bar and don’t feel like riding home in a smelly cab? Want to avoid paying through the ass while parking your car at the airport? Don’t own a car, but need a quick ride someplace? Lyft is your friend with a car whenever you need one. Lyft has arrived in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Just download the app, tap a button and a friendly driver will be on the way. You get to see a picture of the car and driver, and watch from your phone as the Lyft approaches your location. Passengers sit in the front seat where they can charge their phone and choose the music. There’s also a built in rating system to maintain good service. You’ll also never have to worry about having enough cash because all payments are made with a credit card in the app.

lyft MPLS

- Download the Lyft app HERE
- A teal balloon on a map shows where you are
- Black cars on the map show drivers near you
- Request a Lyft and get connected with the closest available driver

Unlike a taxi there’s no set fees, but rather a suggested donation at the end of the ride.

Right now, readers of Duck Duck Gray Duck in any city where Lyft is can receive a $25 credit just by entering code “DUCKDUCK”. That’s worth a share and a like right?

You’ve Been Playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” Wrong Your Whole Life


knows what she is talking about here. The entire rest of the country is playing this game wrong. People are playing some abomination version called “Duck, Duck, Goose.” She breaks it down for you in this article.


Here is how my poll on this topic has turned out. Vote now.