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Notable stories from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

What a well-dressed beer drinker is wearing these days

Throw back Grain Belt Premium ad from 1975.

Beer Drinker Grain Belt


Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury

Timberwolves teammates Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury pose together during a 1996 SI photo shoot. (Robert Beck/SI)

Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury via siphotos:


Kevin Garnett returning to Minnesota Timberwolves?

kevin garnett back to Minnesota

The Nets are talking to the Timberwolves about a trade that would bring Garnett back to Minnesota, reports Marc Stein at ESPN.

The Minnesota Timberwolves ‎are making an 11th-hour push before Thursday’s trade deadline to try to reacquire Wolves legend Kevin Garnett in a swap that would send Thaddeus Young to Brooklyn, has learned.

Sources told the sides have engaged in serious discussions on the deal, which would ultimately require Garnett’s approval even if the teams agree before Thursday’s 3 p.m. deadline, since Garnett possesses one of the NBA’s six full no-trade clauses.


As with Hunter and the Twins, I would also like to see Garnett come full circle and end his career where it started.

BREAKING: TWolves have completed a trade to bring Kevin Garnett back to Minnesota. It’s official. Welcome home KG! Read more >

James Brown at the Cabooze, 1982

james brown


Podcast update from Frank and J.J.


First off, thank you all for the encouraging feedback, advice, and tough love on our first podcast. One thing we realized is that it’s really freaking hard to do this! We also know that providing you with a good listening experience has to be a top priority. In order to do this, we knew we needed a good intro and outro to our show so we didn’t sounds like a couple of dipshits broadcasting from our basement!

So we went and got all professional on you and hired real talent to put these together for us. Hope you enjoy them!

Our next show will post this week right here on DDGD, and we’ll back in the studio (Frank’s basement) on 2/27 to record even more dipshittery.

We hope you’ll listen and become a fan.


Top cities in Minnesota cheating on their spouses

cheating spouse
Have a hunch your spouse is banging someone else? If you live in one of these Minnesota metro area cities, you are probably right.

According to new information released by the wayward spouse hookup site, Ashley Madison, these cities are at the top of the list.

According to the site’s “membership per capita” numbers, 9.1 percent of the Twin Cities’ Ashley Madison accounts belong to Apple Valley residents, which is the highest percentage in the metro. Minnetonka clocks in at second with 8.8 percent.

The suburbs, in fact, occupy the top eight spots on the list. Here’s three through eight:
1. Apple valley (9.1 percent)
2. Minnetonka (8.8 percent)
3. Eagan (8.4 percent)
4. Woodbury (8.3 percent)
5. Maplewood (7.9 percent)
6. Orono (7.7 percent)
7. St. Louis Park (7.2 percent)
8. Eden Prairie (7.1 percent)

Urban locales finally appear on the list in the last two spots, with St. Paul’s Macalester-Groveland at ninth (6.8 percent) and Minneapolis’s classy Linden Hills neighborhood rounding things out (6.6 percent).

Of course, this is only based on their site users. Clearly there is a huge margin of error here with the number of folks hooking up through Facebook, craigslist, or a good old fashioned bar.

Fun fact: Ashley Madison has 26 million users and expects to bring in more than $120 million this year.

via CityPages

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McDonalds Employee In St Paul Minnesota Gets Fired And Starts Wildin’

Please hold your cell phone horizontally people! Jesus!

Anyhoo, this madness occurred at the McDonald’s in the Midway Shopping Center in St. Paul. Job opening!

More McDonald’s stuff

A look back on the Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl appearances


vikings super bowl scorevikings super bowl score 2vikings super bowl score 3vikings super bowl score 4

Never forget…

Super Bowl IV January 11, 1970 Kansas City Chiefs 23–7 Minnesota Vikings 

Super Bowl VIII January 13, 1974 Miami Dolphins 24–7 Minnesota Vikings 

Super Bowl IX January 12, 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers 16–6 Minnesota Vikings 

Super Bowl XI January 9, 1977 Oakland Raiders 32–14 Minnesota Vikings


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Josh Hartnett’s home is for sale. Take a look inside.

Josh Hartnett’s home

Apparently Josh Hartnett’s home in Minneapolis on Lake of the Isles is for sale. Take a look at the beautiful video his realtors developed to sell the home. Asking price? $2 million. 2405 East Lake of the Isles Parkway, Minneapolis MN

Author Stanley Gordon West dies

stanley gordon west dead

From Pioneer Press:

Stanley Gordon West, one of the Twin Cities’ earliest self-publishers, died Wednesday morning at a Golden Valley nursing home from complications of Parkinson’s disease. He was 82.

West, who lived in Montana and more recently in Shakopee, worked mostly without an agent or publicist. His family estimates that he sold 100,000 books in his career.

Readers embraced his St. Paul trilogy — “Until They Bring the Streetcars Back,” “Finding Laura Buggs” and “Growing an Inch.” Those books came out between 1997 and 2003, preceded in 1995 by an unrelated ghost story, “Sweet Shattered Dreams.”

I am very sad to hear he is gone.Until They Bring the Streetcars Back,” was the first book I read of his and it was thrilling. Fans of the book can even cast characters from the book using real celebrities they envision on The Bookcaster. It would be cool if this was made into a movie.