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Notable stories from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Can you hear me now? Fox 9 Microphone News Blooper

M.A. Rosko at Fox 9 was having some technical difficulties this morning. 

If you remember, she was having some skating issues last winter too. 

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31 bars will be open late for the MLB All-Star Game

7 sushi

These 31 bars and adult venues have a special license to stay open until 4 a.m. on the last day of MLB All-Star Game festivities in anticipation of a baseball-fueled blitz of nighttime business.

The Minnesota Legislature gave the bars (and adult venues, denoted with an *) a special dispensation. The extended hours only apply from noon on July 15 to the wee hours of July 16.

The 508 Bar & Restaurant—508 First Ave. N.
Seven Steakhouse Sushi Ultralounge Skybar—700 Hennepin Ave.
Aqua Nightclub—400 First Ave. N.
Augie’s Cabaret*— 424 Hennepin Ave.
Bar Fly—711 Hennepin Ave.
Brother’s Bar & Grill—430 First Ave. N.
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre—824 Hennepin Ave.
The Capital Grille—801 Hennepin Ave.
Cowboy Jacks—126 Fifth St. N.
Club New York—10 Fifth St. S.
Devil’s Advocate—89 10th St. S.
Downtown Cabaret*—115 Fourth St. S.
The Executive Lounge*—418 Third Ave. N.
Firelake Grill House—31 Seventh St. S.
First Avenue—701 First Ave. N.
The Grand Hotel—615 Second Ave. S.
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis—1300 Nicollet Mall
Hubert’s Sports Bar—600 First Ave. N.
Kieran’s Irish Pub—85 Sixth St. N.
The Local—931 Nicollet Mall
The Loon Cafe—500 First Ave. N.
Marin Restaurant & Bar—901 Hennepin Ave.
Millenium Hotel—1313 Nicollet Mall
The Pourhouse—10 Fifth St. S.
Rick’s Cabaret*—300 Third St. S.
The Seville Club*—15 Glenwood Ave.
The Shout House—650 Hennepin Ave.
Solera Restaurant & Event Center—900 Hennepin Ave.
Spades Nightclub—322 First Ave. N.
Uncle Bucks—26 Fifth St. N.


Minneapolis boy’s free piano concert yard sign goes viral

Dylan Spoering Piano Concert

Dylan Spoering, a young boy living in Uptown Minneapolis, is planning a piano concert tomorrow afternoon in his front yard — and a hand-made sign went viral and earned him publicity he could never have dreamed of. The Facebook event has over 1000 invitees and nearly 230 confirmed attendees including some notable people. There’s no word yet on what pieces Dylan will play, but the sign indicates that he’ll be tickling the ivories from 2:30-3:20 p.m. via MPR

4 New Food Items Available During the 2014 All-Star Game

Hangover Burger 2 Double Play ALL STAR Foot Long sausage Brat-Dog Linda Bean Lobster Corn Dog

These are four of the most delicious-looking concessions available at the 2014 MLB All-Star Game at Target Field:

1. The Hangover Burger: The hangover burger uses a mix of ground beef and ground bacon for two quarter-pound patties. They’re topped with american cheese, lettuce, onions, a fried egg, and a sauce made from sriracha, ketchup, mayo and cornichons.

2. The Brat Dog: A footlong hot dog wrapped in bratwurst, then wrapped in bacon, served on a pretzel roll. There are peppers, too, so you get your veggies. It’s healthy, right?

3. The Double Play: A polish sausage and a bratwurst stuffed onto the same bun, side by side.

4. Lobster Corn Dog: Fried lobster on a stick. Let’s do this.

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Zach LaVine’s reaction to joining the Timberwolves

Zach LaVine

New writer to continue the Mitch Rapp series

Kyle Mills (born 1966) is an writer of thriller novels novels including Rising Phoenix, Fade, and The Second Horseman. (Image via Wikipedia)

Kyle Mills (born 1966) is an writer of thriller novels novels including Rising Phoenix, Fade, and The Second Horseman. (Image via Wikipedia)

Simon & Schuster and Flynn’s estate have commissioned thriller writer Kyle Mills to complete Flynn’s unfinished novel, “The Survivor.” The book is is tentatively scheduled to hit shelves next year.

Flynn, who sold more than 15 million books in the U.S. alone and counted Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush among his fans, was 47 when he died June 19, 2013, in his hometown of St. Paul after battling prostate cancer for more than two years.

Mills knows what it’s like to follow in another author’s footsteps. He has written 13 books, including three in the style of Jason Bourne creator Robert Ludlum, who died in 2001.

To prepare himself, Mills said he re-read every one of Flynn’s books in chronological order and took 150 pages of notes on everything from his writing style to his word choice. For “The Survivor,” Mills said he plans to continue with the story threads left hanging from Flynn’s last book, “The Last Man,” published in 2012.

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Man turns stillborn’s crib into a gift for mom

Prepare to be turned into a puddle of weep.

In Cokato, MN a man bought a crib at a garage sale and then learned it was supposed to be for a baby that had been stillborn. He turned it into a memorial bench and brought it back to the mom.

Bridgewater drafted by the Minnesota Vikings

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Minnesota Vikings selected quarterback Teddy Bridgewater No. 32 overall last night. 

You had one job to do!!!

Twins’ ballboy can’t make play on foul ball. Takes it in the face.

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Robert Leo Newton Album Review

Robert Leo Newton

My first impression of Robert Leo Newton’s new CD, Coyote, was that the cover looked like a cross between Paul Simon’s “Graceland” and a Meat Puppets album. Upon examining the case and insert I was expecting to hear a gritty, slightly weird punk album. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but I must say I was still pleasantly surprised.

The album opens with a sparse guitar and voice piece, “Let’s Do Something”. It’s a happy go lucky romp that introduces you to the singer. Robert’s voice is a bit of young, slightly nasal baritone that gets a little raspy at times. Halfway through the song the pseudo-psychedelic sound effects kick in. I’m personally not a big fan of Ravi-Shankar space-sitar sounds, but they complement the simple arrangement. The song is short and to the point.

Track two brings a full band into the mix. The grooving rocker “Aint it Great?” gets your foot tapping a little more and exhibits an experienced songwriter with catchy melodies and interesting, if slightly cryptic, lyrical sensibilities. The guitar solo in the middle section of the song lets us know that Mr. Newton isn’t afraid to show off his chops a little bit, and may be a bit of a jazzer. This tune also wraps up promptly and is probably my favorite song on the CD.

Other highlights of the album include “Planted in Sand”, a brooding minor folk ballad with some nice harmonies and intriguing storytelling; “Baby Can’t Play No More”, an acoustic tune with a Latin feel and interesting percussion; and “All The Way” in which Robert croons like some kind of folk-singer version of Jim Morrison.  The album wraps up with another acoustic number complete with spacey sounds and sentimental balladry.

I was impressed to read that Robert played all of the instruments himself on the record. The playing is reserved for the most part, and most of the time the instruments serve the song. Overall, the songwriting is a bit conservative, but genuine and integral. There is a clear love for the American tradition of songwriting tinged with the attitude of Rock and Roll. Audiophiles will likely not be too crazy about the production quality. There were a few times where I had to adjust the volume between tracks and a little extra care for compression would have been nice. The production does not stand in the way of the songs though, and listeners of the indie and punk variety should have no problem.

Coyote is a strong effort by a gifted songwriter and lyricist. With a little more effort put into the audio engineering aspect Mr. Newton has the right tools to craft an exceptional Rock and Roll album, and Coyote is a good taste of what that may be.

His website can be viewed here.
View his video here
Listen on SoundCloud here