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Dad! This isn’t Google!

Dad hilariously uses Facebook to search for chicken casserole supplies.

Dad not google





Little Girl’s Wonder Woman Lunchbox Deemed “Too Violent” for School

wonder woman wonder woman lunchbox

Well America’s kids are back in school now and it appears the bullshit has already started. If you need further proof that our school leaders have gone completely insane with political correctness and idiotic “policies,” look no further. 

Just check out the letter sent to the parents of  a girl named Laura.

letter home

Since when has Wonder Woman ever been violent? She uses a lasso to get the truth out of people? Are they going to ban rodeos now too?

It must really suck to be a kid today.


Application to date my daughter

Application to date my daughter

My wife doesn’t know this yet…

My wife doesn't know this yet...

Thanks Junior

Deep in the friend zone


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Celebrating those who have passed

Celebrating those who have passed

According to the one who shared the image, this old guy was talking with the photo. When approached and asked if he was okay, he happily replied that he was celebrating the 78th anniversary with his wife, and was looking forward to seeing her again someday.


What we have learned from the leaked Ashley Madison data so far

As you know from previous stories, the popular cheating site Ashley Madison was hacked and user data was put on the dark web for anyone to view. That info is now making it to the public internet. The findings are kind of fascinating. Here are some key data points compiled from the site dadaviz.

Ashley Madison Hack Findings

Take your kids to work day

Strip Club

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How to tell that Fantasy Football has started

Quality Dad time…

Dad time

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Funny Fantasy Football team names