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Prom Night

prom night


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Violence is Violence

Interesting to see the differences in how people react to domestic violence when the tables are turned, and men become the abused. Warning: Language 

In case you thought it was about a 3-day weekend, BBQ, or the beach

Reuters photographer Kevin Lamarque

Reuters photographer Kevin Lamarque

My “boyfriend” keeps taking pictures of me



Here is another…

Bruno Mars speech

Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars 2

Dating Truth



Effective Advertising

If you think your fedora is all the protection you need, think again.

Durex ad


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WATCH: Young fan gives pretty lady foul ball

If you want to see a young man who’s wise beyond his years, watch the video below.

Well played, young man. You’ve made us all proud and are clearly on your way to pimphood.

How to remove a loose tooth

Here is a fun and easy way to remove your child’s tooth when it is loose. 

Tooth removal


Baby Cage

Baby cages for 1930s apartment families who wanted their children to get enough sunlight.

Baby Cage