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First Day of School

first day of school


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“Apparently,” this 5-year-old is going viral

noah ritter

5-year-old Noah Ritter from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, will make you smile today. “Apparently,” he has never been on the news before.




Husband records his drunk wife telling a joke and animates it

This will make your day.

A Boy With Cancer Meets His WWE Hero

Daniel Bryan and connor

R.I.P. Connor “The Crusher”.

Who’s cutting onions around here?

Thanks Steve

Things toddlers can get away with that adults can’t

Funny video of things you should just try at the next party you get invited to.

Poor Matthew

Poor Matthew


Dad Fashion for the 4th of July



Taking it to the streets

And by “it,” I mean Teresa L.

Taking it to the streets


Other funny relationship stuff
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Brutal Facebook fight
Wife tells husband she knows

Father dances in the pageant with his disabled daughter


Looking for the definition of Super Dad? Look no further.

McKenzie Carey has mitochondrial disease and is unable to walk. Like many other 12-year-old girls, she wanted to participate in her hometown’s Summer PageantFest, which included a dance element.

Because she couldn’t perform the dance on her own, her father joined her on stage for a heartwarming performance that left the crowd in tears.

I could not finish this video.

(via VVV)