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Toy Story 19

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Daddy Daughter Date

Dang it! I told myself to hold it together while watching this.

Thanks Junior

Moms Confess F’ed Up Things Their Kids Have Done

From Huff Post

Below you’ll read a collection of 20 stories gathered from a show called,The Pump and Dump: A Parentally Incorrect Comedy Show and Night Out, For Once“.  At each show, the hosts provide an index card to audience members and ask them to write down the most f’ed up thing their kid has done, and then they read them aloud on stage. It’s amazingly cathartic, hilarious and completely true.

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VIDEO: Wedding Bloopers

The best wedding fails and funniest bloopers.

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Nigerian writer trolls ‘measles-ravaged US’

Elnathan John used the current measles outbreak in the U.S. to poke fun at American’s overreaction to the Ebola virus

Africa Tweet

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Clever life hacks every parent needs to see

Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent’s Job Easier. Don’t own some of the items in these pictures? Pick them up here.

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I beat teen pregnancy!

I beat teen pregnancy!


Anti-vax doctor’s comments causing outrage

Reposted from 22 Words. Adam sums it up pretty well for us.

The Jacksons’ daughter has leukemia which has ruined her measles immunity, and their son is too young to be immunized. So they are, in a sense, at the mercy of their community when it comes to contracting or not contracting the infection.

Now, after a trip to Disneyland and having indirect contact with a family who doesn’t vaccinate, their son is showing signs of the disease. And there’s nothing they can do but wait and hope.

Their story is sad enough told just like that. But to add salt to the wound, let’s see what the anti-vax doctor interviewed for this segment has to say…

His remarks (which begin about 2 minutes in) are clearly edited, so it’s possible he’s not as terrible as he comes across. Let’s hope so anyway, because how could anyone — and a doctor, no less — show such blatant disregard for the lives of other people?

Remember the good old days before vaccines ruined our children?

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke
Polio-patients-on-boards-at-the-Texas-Scottish-Rite-Hospital-for-Children-in-Dallas-Texas vaccines 1 vaccines 2 hansel-mieth-nurses-at-children-s-hospital-tending-young-polio-patients-contained-in-iron-lung-room vaccines 3

Clever Baby Announcements

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