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Public Service Announcement Regarding Selfies

HEad Licevia


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Top Hipster Baby Names

hipster baby names

•  Auden
•  Byron
•  Enoch
•  Gulliver
•  Ignatius
•  Lennon
•  Murray
•  Nico
•  Orson
•  Roman
•  Salinger
•  Zane

•  Briseida
•  Farrah
•  Inez
•  Liora
•  Minnie
•  Odette
•  Pandora
•  Romy
•  Suzette
•  Tessie
•  Wren
•  Zola


Few clues add to the mystery of a found wedding ring

Albert H and Sara E.

This wedding band was found in a Brooklyn sanitation garage sink. The inscription inside reads “Albert H and Sara E. Sept 2nd 1913″. Please share with all of your contacts. It appears the couple have been deceased for some time, but many are still looking relatives. It would be cool to find their children or grandchildren. Let’s see what we can do.  Here is a discussion taking place on the ancestry group page.

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To catch a predator

What are your kids posting and who’s watching?

video brian hanson


See what this kid did with the $20 he found

Meet an 8-year-old boy who found $20 in a parking lot. When he saw a man in a military uniform, he did something pretty amazing. Prepare to weep. Also remember that there is a cost to war.

Little Broga

BrogaThe younger brother of this guy no doubt.


Baby Announcement

Baby Announcementvia


Baby weeps while watching parent’s wedding song slideshow

Mom shows her 2-year-old their wedding slideshow accompanied by the song, “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk. This was the response she had. She now starts to cry every time she hears this song. Adorable.


I don’t need Google


Dad learns what OMG is

OMG dad