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Parenting at home vs in public

Parenting at home vs in public


Recommended parenting books.

Step 1: Do not read this book on the subway

Are you reading the book How to Meet Women on the Subway?

meet women


Beer Belly

Beer Belly


Dogs and Christmas Trees

tree fainted


Success Defined

Ralph Waldo Emerson

More Ralph Waldo Emerson stuff here.

One in five parents will buy this for their girl this Christmas

elsa doll

For 11 years, Barbie doll had been top of Christmas list for parents of girls. Now, Frozen is No.1  with one in five parents buying merchandise from the film.

Buy the movie Frozen here.

Buy Frozen movie toy dolls here.

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Damn girl

Damn girl


Never tie your shoelaces in Paris


American Ingenuity

american ingenuity via


LEGO’s Amazing Message To Parents Written In The 1970s

A message (allegedly) from Lego in the 1970s  surfaced recently, and is resonating today because of the powerful instruction for parents to allow their kids – no matter what gender – to let their imaginations run wild. Buy some Legos here.