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I like humans again


receipt note


Sleeping with a woman bed diagram

This is for men everywhere.

sleep diagram


Making it to second base

Making it to second base


Terrified kids with the Easter Bunny

easter bunny fear 12 easter bunny fear 11 easter bunny fear 10 easter bunny fear 9 easter bunny fear 8 easter bunny fear 7 easter bunny fear 6 easter bunny fear 5 easter bunny fear 3 easter bunny fear 2 easter bunny fear Leporiphobia 1


Do your part to fight unsafe vaccines for your children


The thing about inspiration

The only true thing you may hear all day.

truth inspiration



Welp, I’m about to ruin a perfectly good pair of underwear

spider toilet paper

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If this freaked you out, then you don’t want to click this


Chris Rock on Marriage

Chris Rock on Marriage

Who online daters fear meeting the most

online dating fears

Well maybe if more of you ladies were homicidal maniacs, we wouldn’t be so shallow.

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On comparing yourself to others

On comparing yourself to others

Everyone falls, everyone fails, sometimes it’s a good day. Get up and keep writing.

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