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I love you too. You’re grounded.

Kid shows her appreciation with a screwdriver.

love dad


Attention ladies…

MegaMan is looking for you. Don’t be shy now…


If MegaMan won’t do, you may want to change your relationship status to prepare for this guy or this guy.

Photo of All the Bacteria Growing on a Child’s Hand

8 year-old’s hand after playing outside.
bacteria on a child's handimage via

Other gross stuff

Depression Beautifully Defined

Rollo May, an American psychologist

Quote from American psychologist Rollo May

Scaring the old man

0o0o0yaaahh BAHHHSTERDD!!!

Warning some strong language


Husband-Jokes-02 Husband-Jokes-03 Husband-Jokes-04 Husband-Jokes-05 Husband-Jokes-07via 22 Words


The I’m 22 and date a 14-year-old starter pack

14 year old starter packvia

Not be confused with the “I shout at my wife in public” starter pack


3D Tinder

3d tinder

Hooking up the old fashioned way. You know, Cotton Eyed Joe and Purple Hooters!



I was dying

I was dying