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Ready for a little pee to come out?

The best of Thug Life video meme

I Didn’t Choose The Thug Life, The Thug Life Chose Me!

{Warning: NSFW language)

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Wizard “Nose” Costume

I don’t wanna know what the Wizard “mouth” looks like.

wizard nose

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At the bakery


what gif

Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom

Sleeping Beauty

This is how I look every morning before the alarm goes off.

sleeping beauty pitbull


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Halloween buffet idea

Halloween Buffet


More awesome Halloween stuff here.

The Walking Drunk

Not be confused with The Walking Dead.

What your average tragedy looks like after 100 years

Whoppers! Dead ahead!



Katy Perry and Bill Clinton

Where is Bill in this photo of Katy Perry? Waaaaait for it…

Bill in this photo of Katy Perry


More Katy Perry here

Never Forget