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Ready for a little pee to come out?

Here’s Bernie

Here's bernie

Thanks for the visual Benoit Latour


Proof Every AC/DC Song Ends The Same Way

Ever wonder how many AC/DC songs end the same way? The answer is…a lot! Mark & Neanderpaul (DJ’s at 100.7 KSLX ) did the legwork. You get the “benefit.”

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Now that is some loud exhaust…in a Walmart parking lot too.Now that is some loud a Walmart parking lot too.

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The Star Wars family


Condom History

Condom History


Advanced Parking Solutions

Advanced Parking Solutions

Finally a way to ruin a telemarketers day



If you are like me, you have been waiting for a technology to payback those annoying telemarketers. Well kids, it has arrived.

Jolly Roger Telephone Co. is an automated system that talks to telemarketers for you.

When a telemarketer calls, you can conference in Jolly Roger’s human sounding prerecorded guy and have it interact with the telemarketer on your behalf until the telemarketer gets frustrated and ends the call.

Jolly Roger Telephone Co. developer Roger Anderson created the system to reduce the number of telemarketers calling his house and later shared his invention with the world.

When you get a call from a telemarketer and they ask something like “Mr. Jones?”, say “Oh, you want Mr. Jones? Sure hang on – he’s right here…” then,

  1. Press “add call”
  2. Dial the robot at 214-666-4321. While you’re dialing, keep chatting into your phone like you’re trying to get Mr. Jones (“yeah – phone for you”, “okay, he’s coming hang on…”, etc)
  3. Press “Add call” or “Merge call” or “Conference” or whatever will add the robot to the conversation.
  4. MUTE YOURSELF so your background noise doesn’t affect the conversation.
  5. Listen to the call, and hang up when the telemarketer hangs up.

Listen to it in action!

The bread aisle during a Minnesota snowstorm

The bread aisle during a Minnesota snowstorm

via Fox 9

Notice to Hikers

Notice to Hikers

Thanks Brooke

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Top 10 Names of Douchebag Guys

Top 10 Names of Douchebag Guys



“Douchiest” Guys Names

15. Nick – Still has a severely crinkled poster of Pamela Anderson under his bed
14. Jeff – Might even spell it “Geoff” and wears a lot of Axe
13. Erik with a K – Black thick framed glasses and with an MBA from DeVry
12. Cody – Wears a Monster Energy drink hat and dates 14 year olds
11. Paul – Probably peeking in your windows right now
10. Wayne – Wears one of those Bret Michaels cowboy hats and is obsessed with Zac Brown Band
9. Adam – You invited him to your party and he stole your iPod
8. Brody – Has a neck tattoo and mainlines Creatine
7. Thad – Rips on gays, but is always shirtless around his bros
6. Xander – Wears skinny jeans and a man bun
5. Curt – Wears bow ties to be ironic
4. Chet – Stole your girlfriend after she went boating on his Dad’s yacht
3. Troy – Is bald and has a popped collar on a pink Polo shirt
2. Chad – Vapes (aka Douche Flute) and cries himself to sleep after jerking off
1. Blake – Wears a small TapOut shirt and wants to arm wrestle EVERYONE