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Ready for a little pee to come out?


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Turkey with Stefon

Turkey with Stefon

The most annoying voice on Jeopardy ever

Hover over bottom right to turn on sound. Then prepare to want to punch hard.

Playground Warning

Be careful who you climb on the equipment with.

Playground Warning

Dirt Bike Fail

Girl won’t let up on throttle and pays.

dirt bike fail

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Grandma’s First Christmas…

I wonder if she knit Jesus a shitty sweater?

First Christmas in Heaven

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Campbell’s Soup customer service

Campbell’s Soup took the brave step in creating a commercial that shows two dads feeding their son soup. It’s no surprise that some were gonna find it offensive. It appears that their customer service department was ready.

campbell's soup ad



Visiting Grandma

visiting Grandma


How to tell if you have been poisoned

you have been poisoned


True Tweets

Paris attacks