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Ready for a little pee to come out?

Cecil the Lion Killer Halloween Costume

You want to be the talk of your upcoming Halloween party? You might gets some laughs and you might also get your ass kicked with this horrifying costume. Good luck to ya… 

cecil the lion killer costume

Thanks Brooke

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Watch this lady completely get owned on a motorbike

Poor woman clearly can’t find the brakes and uses a trampoline to stop instead.

Grizzly bear in the wild caught on video playfully rolling down a hill

Chances of spotting bears in Alaska’s Denali National Park are not impossible, but pretty rare.  So, what’s the chance you’d actually see one barrel rolling down a hill? This bear acts like he has no care in the world. 

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My wife doesn’t know this yet…

My wife doesn't know this yet...

Thanks Junior

The Bumper Dumper

Put a seat belt on this bad boy and you wouldn’t even have to pull over!


via TOSH

Hitting the spa for a little “Me Time”

Soooo relaxing…

burning eyes spa


Deep in the friend zone


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Hand prank

Hand experiment

A Bad Lip Reading of The Republican Debate

I could barely watch without going into one of those laughing cough fits.

Here’s BILLY!

Zoobity Zip Zop.

bill cosby shining