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Afroman loses his s***!!!


Afroman was hauled offstage after punching a female fan in the face in the middle of a concert in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The fan, who has not been named, jumped on stage and approached Afroman, who allegedly turned around and landed “a right-handed haymaker” to her face. You can watch the jaw-dropping punch in the video above.

The rapper – famous for his stoner anthem Because I got High – initially carried on performing and left his woman victim bleeding and crying on the ground, according to TMZ.

Dang! If she was a problem on stage, why didn’t security escort her off stage? If this had been my girl, Afroman would have been wheeled out of that building on a stretcher.

Full video

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Beyonce and Beck

Beyonce and Beck


Musicians read mean tweets about themselves

It’s so easy to hate a song, but remember that there are people behind those tunes.

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Snipers are cowards

michael moore


Josh Hartnett’s home is for sale. Take a look inside.

Josh Hartnett’s home

Apparently Josh Hartnett’s home in Minneapolis on Lake of the Isles is for sale. Take a look at the beautiful video his realtors developed to sell the home. Asking price? $2 million. 2405 East Lake of the Isles Parkway, Minneapolis MN

Joe Cocker Dies At Age 70



Joe Cocker — the gravely-voiced singer known for his version of “With a Little Help From My Friends” — died today after battling a lung cancer according to his agent and TMZ.

This cover of Billy Preston’s “You Are So Beautiful” is my favorite song by Joe. I can rarely make it through without welling up.

Read more at TMZ:

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Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch & Kelly Reilly round out True Detective’s second-season cast

AP Images/Invision

AP Images/Invision

HBO has confirmed Rachel McAdams as the female lead, as well as Black Box alum Kelly Reilly and Friday Night Lights‘ Taylor Kitsch in supporting roles. The eight-episode sophomore season, now in production in California, centers on three police officers and a career criminal who must navigate a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder.

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Tweeting about Bill Cosby

Tweeting about Bill Cosby

Kim Kardashian’s Ass

Kim Kardashian's Ass


Eminem spits it in this new freestyle video

Eminem - Shady CXVPHER

Dang. Eminem leaves no stone unturned in this latest video; taking shots at Ray Rice, LeBron James and even Tony Stewart. Warning: Video contains lot’s of F-words. Duh!

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