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Home Free – Angels We Have Heard On High

Home Free was originally formed in 2000 in Mankato, Minnesota, when some of its members were still in their teens.[4]  Their New holiday album FULL OF CHEER is available now.

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The Hollywood sign today

The Hollywood sign todayvia


Lizzo and Caroline Smith – “Let ‘Em Say” (Official Video)

The Twin Cities is really exploding with some great new talent. Case in point. 

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The Future of American Filmaking

movies in america


Chapter 1 – Mark Your Territory and Pee on EVERYTHING

Alpha Dog dating

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Lord of the Rings star releases heavy-metal Christmas single

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee, the 92-year-old actor who plays Saruman in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films, has been recording heavy-metal holiday singles since 2012. Previous releases include “The Little Drummer Boy,” “Silent Night,” “My Way,” and a seasonal number called “Jingle Hell.” This year’s offering is titled “Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing.”

Download them all, sacrifice a reindeer, and bang your head into the new year.

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Star Wars Millenium Falcon Rug

If you peed yourself when the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Trailer was released, then I am sure you will want this Star Wars rug. This Grey Millenium Falcon Rug measures at 59″ X 79″ and is made from 100% polyester pile. Use the force and go buy one here.

Grey Millenium Falcon Rug millenium falcon rug

101 Places To Get F*cked Up Before You Die

101 Places To Get F*cked Up Before You Die

Looking for a guidebook that isn’t full of tired, lame, or even BS travel information? 101 Places to Get Fucked Up Before You Die brings together the most irreverent and legit accounts of drinking, nightlife and travel culture around the world. Part guide, part social commentary, part party invitation, 101 Places gives you all the info and inspiration you’ll need to:

* Blowout one (or several) of the year’s biggest festivals
* MacGyver your way into underground clubs and backcountry raves
* Throw down with people from the Himalayas to the salt flats to Antarctica
* Travel in every conceivable style—from baller to dirtbag—to some of the most epic spots on earth

Do you really know where to go out in San Francisco or Tel Aviv? How about preparing for Burning Man or Oktoberfest? The award-winning journalists and photographers at Matador Network let you know what’s up at each spot, whether it’s drug policies, how to keep safe, special options for LGBT travelers, or simply where to find the kind of music you like to dance to. No matter if you want to rage at Ibiza or just chill on some dunes smoking shisha, 101 Places has something for you.

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Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch & Kelly Reilly round out True Detective’s second-season cast

AP Images/Invision

AP Images/Invision

HBO has confirmed Rachel McAdams as the female lead, as well as Black Box alum Kelly Reilly and Friday Night Lights‘ Taylor Kitsch in supporting roles. The eight-episode sophomore season, now in production in California, centers on three police officers and a career criminal who must navigate a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder.

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WTF is this music video by Chinese pop group Wang Rong Rollin?

This music video for “Chick Chick” by Chinese pop group Wang Rong Rollin is all kinds of WTF. You have to just see it to appreciate the insanity.

Is this their answer to What Does the Fox Say?