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Car Porn

Dream cars

dream car 2 dream car 3 dream car 4 dream car 6 dream car 7

(Source: avtomative-porn, via sirromdrawde)

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Foap Faux Pas


Like many others, I saw the ABC News story about Foap. Introduced as a way for anyone with a smartphone to make money off the photos we take everyday, I agreed the idea was genius. I quickly downloaded the app and started the process of uploading images I thought might have some commercial appeal.  

This is when the problems began. The review and approval process of the uploaded images was clunky and took FOREVER, but after nearly a week and half, most of my images were approved. A few days later, I decided that I wanted to remove a few of my images from the marketplace after-all and no longer offer them for sale. There was no option to do this in the app or online. No delete button, no remove, no nothing. 

I contacted them via email support and did not receive a response for a week. When they did respond, it was to inform me of updates to the service and hype new advertising challenges they were promoting for their brand partners. The email from Foap support did not address my question at all. I replied explaining this, and I have not heard anything since. That was 3 weeks ago.

Out of frustration, I have since sent one last request for them to close my account, but am pretty sure they won’t notice it. 

I like the idea of the Foap app and hope they work out the kinks. I am sure the press they received has overwhelmed them, but it’s still no excuse for poor service. Maybe they have some language barrier issues too seeing that they are based in Sweden? Who knows? 

My recommendation to you, is to avoid the app until they get their poop in a group. If you are a brand looking to partner with these guys, proceed with serious caution. You don’t want to link your brand with a new app that is creating a poor customer experience.

What experience have you had with Foap? I’d like to hear from you.

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Nintendo Train Car

Graffiti artists paint train car like an NES controller.

Nintendo Train Car

Spotted by Reddit user Kgriffin88

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Minnesota Pine Shrine

mn pine

At first glance, it looks a bit fake, like a Photoshopped woodsy version of crop circles.

But Google Maps doesn’t lie. Tucked into the forests of Park Township in Lake of the Woods County is a 23-acre stand of red pine trees in the shape of Minnesota. It was the work of DNR forestry veteran Bill Lockner from the late 1980s, 

Check it out for yourself:

via Bring me the news

Grain Belt Art


Grain Belt by Lonnie Broden


Original Lego Patent

Filed by G.K. Christiansen (1961)

lego patentvia

Go buy some Lego here.


Alaskan Air doing it right

Alaskan Air


What the Mall of America will look like after the expansion

moa-phase-1c-hoteldlr 600

The Mall of America confirmed Monday that it has closed on the financing for its upcoming Phase 1C expansion project, paving the way for groundbreaking to occur later this month.

The $300 million expansion — located on the north side of the existing mall — will include a 342-room JW Marriott luxury hotel, the MOA Crossing office building, 150,000 square feet of upscale retail, a new dining area and an underground parking ramp.

via Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal

Vintage Sony Ad

Great copy.

Keith Moon


Cassette Rewind