Duck Duck Goose or Duck Duck Gray Duck?

Duck Duck Gray Duck

Oh fer Pete’s sake! This childhood game has created some debate here and on this blog in the past. So I figured I’d try to set the record straight. As Minnesotans, we know that the rest of country is backwards with this game. But let’s find out how backwards with a poll of our own. Meanwhile, I’ll kick back and think of rules for the adult version of this game I want to create – “Duck Duck Grey Goose.”

What do you say? Duck Duck Goose or Duck Duck Gray Duck?

8 responses to “Duck Duck Goose or Duck Duck Gray Duck?

  1. You do kinda have a point there. Ugh.

  2. I find it is interesting that your hyperlink to ‘Duck Duck Gray Duck’ actually points to the DUCK DUCK GOOSE Wiki. Just sayin’…

  3. Excellent idea!!!!!!!!!

  4. Put it in one of those spill proof sippy cups. That would totally solve the problem. Make sure you mark it carefully though so the wrong person doesn’t drink it. ;)

  5. It’s hard to play w/o spilling.

  6. Duck Duck Grey Goose?!? That’s brilliant! : D

  7. No kidding? What did you call it?

  8. I grew up in South Africa….ours is completely different!!!